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Great Paddle Board Tour

Por irene

Paddleboarding is a surface water sport in which participants are propelled by a swimming motion using their arms while lying or kneeling on a paddleboard or surfboard in the ocean. 

A derivative of paddleboarding is stand up paddle surfing and stand up paddleboarding.

Paddleboarding is usually performed in the open ocean, with the participant paddling and surfing unbroken swells to cross between islands or journey from one coastal area to another. Champion paddlers can stroke for hours and a twenty-mile race is only a warm-up for a well-trained waterman.

Take a trip between the Islands of Loreto Baja California, Mexico, looking for dolphins, turtles, Whales and sea lions. The complete emotion that one experiences being so close to these wild creatures is inexplicable.

Loreto offers magnificent opportunities to have a great wild marine life encounters.




Excellent trip
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