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The Sea of Cortez is one of the most beautiful seas in the world. It’s known as the "Aquarium of Mexico" because of the large biodiversity found within its confines. Between December and April, whales gather here to give birth and breed. Local guides will accompany you on small boats, but you only need to travel a few hundred meters from the coast, and you will be joined by many whales. This creates an unforgettable, half-day whale tour.

Loreto offers magnificent opportunities to view Great Whales. Loreto is a world-class blue whale observation destination.

The largest whale in the world
Take a round trip between the five Islands of Loreto Baja California, Mexico, looking for Blue Whales. The complete emotion that one experiences being so close to these wonderful mammals is almost inexplicable. Seeing them play in front of our boat made us appreciate one more nature’s perfection, manifest in the whales gracious, free and unique movements.

Welcome to the Loreto National Marine Park. Every spring this beautiful reserve plays host to many different species of whales and dolphins. Each year we find the whales in different parts of the park, but it doesn't take long for our experienced guides to figure out where that is. Getting to the islands aboard Arturo´s comfortable boats, is fast and scenic affording you spectacular photo opportunities of migrating birds, dolphins, sea lions, mantas and occasional Fin Whales, Sperm Whales, Humpback whales, whale-shark and turtles. We leave early in the morning and after a few hours of exploring the park and being with the whales we head for the nearest beach. After lunch we take the opportunity to snorkel, hike, or just enjoy the remote beauty of these desert islands.



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